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It is with great joy and pleasure that I send my “thank you” for the flawless execution of  our recent materials.

Tomorrow we launch a new program. This is a huge undertaking for us and means a lot to the company in terms of financial returns and a healthy FY12. Without materials to support this launch, we would have fallen flat on our faces.

Four critical pieces were produced by Bolger in a very short timeline and with a very high degree of quality and attention to details. Estimates were moved through quickly and prepress did an exceptional job of importing high resolution images into very complicated files. Then the fun began...Press Runs...the press men make it look effortless some days, but I know by the time I see the first sheet, they’ve fine tuned the color so my time is minimal.

I don’t know how the experts in bindery did it, but they managed to finish some very difficult crossovers and unusual folds in record time.

And last, but not least, the customer service representative and salesperson did a great job coordinating everything. And as always, they were the glue that made sure it all was perfect!

Everyone here is thrilled at the way the pieces turned out. Please know that we appreciate all of you and the fine job you do, not just on this, but all of our projects.

Thanks you and have a wonderful, warm weekend!

Thank you so much for completing the programming of the prescriber letters in record time.  Wow!  You are simply amazing. You obviously worked several hours over the holiday weekend to complete this. We appreciate your efforts and your dedication to Prime and our clients. It's this type of excellent service that makes me proud to be working with Bolger. You've outdone yourself once again! Thank you all (and please thank anyone else that was involved in this tremendous effort). THANK YOU!
– Diana Dickmeyer, Director, Member Materials

“Bolger is always willing, without hesitation, to address a concern or issue. The can-do attitude is appreciated. Bolger is a pleasure to work with.”
– Karen Chadwick, Audi Quattro

“Congratulations to you and everyone at Bolger--despite OUR best efforts, it wouldn't have won anything if it didn't have fabulous printing. This confirms all suspicions that you guys are simply the best printers we could work with, period. Working on this project was really a joy, can't wait to print another with you!
– Matt Lee, Landesberg Design

“The magazine arrived yesterday, and it's fantastic. I mean, it's really stellar.

The guitar on the kid's back is particularly impressive. A printer in Columbus asked for the files for the winter 08 Bulletin that had the photo essay. They wanted to see if they could match your work. They didn't even show us the results. They said they couldn't come close.”
– Shawn Presley, Landesberg Design


Good morning. This is Len Goodman from Portage Marketing

Just signed off on the first press sheet of a piece Bolger is printing for the Minnesota Corn Growers. Looks great by the way.

I wanted to take just a moment to pass along kudos to the team I've been fortunate to work with on this as well as other projects in the past.

Jennie is consistently prompt, responsive and positive--just wonderful to work with.

I have worked with many reps over the years, and Jeanne stands head and shoulders above all of them. She doesn't just shepherd a job through--she is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the work while keeping it cost efficient. I truly feel that with a project in her hands, I will get not just stellar service, but the best possible product--and all of this while maintaining a warm, gracious and engaging attitude.

Finally, the folks on the floor are also consistently attentive and thorough.

As I told Jeanne this morning, building trust, providing great service--being an ally more than a vendor...these are attributes that I try to bring to my clients. Those qualities are clearly there in good measure at Bolger. If the choice were mine alone, all of my projects would go through your shop--no other estimates required.

Many sincere thanks to you and the great Bolger team. (Feel free to reproduce this review in your next capabilities piece)

Thoroughly satisfied customer,



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